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Looking for a specific diecast? Perhaps you would like to buy a prototype or low-numbered RCCA Elite®? Maybe you are looking for a collectible with a specific sequential number? You have come to the only place on the internet where you can find NASCAR® collectibles for sale by sequential number! Best of all, you do not have to be a member to purchase collectibles listed on the Collectibles For Sale page.

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Become a Smarter Collector

The Diecast Registry On-Line Price Guide enables you to find out:

  • What is selling now

  • Which collectibles are increasing in value

  • What to pay for a collectible

  • How much a driver's autograph increases the value of a collectible

  • How many were produced

Learn more about the DCR Diecast Value Price Guide.


Measure the Performance of your On-Line Auctions

Use the Price Guide to compare your on-line auction results with those of other vendors. For example, if the current market value of the #24 DuPont car is listed as $71, and you sold 4 of them on-line last week for an average of $43, then your auctions are not generating the revenue they should.


If you decide you need to increase the performance of your on-line auctions, your Diecast Registry membership will provide tools to quickly and easily make improvements. The case study below provides factual data demonstrating the effectiveness of these tools.



Document the Authenticity of your Autographed Collectible
It has been estimated that 50% of the signatures at on-line auction sites (e.g. eBay®) are not authentic. However, many honest vendors spend a significant amount of time and money obtaining legitimate autographs at the race tracks every weekend. Perhaps the best three actions you can take to authenticate the signature on your collectible are to:

1) Take a picture of the person signing the item

2) Document the date (and time) when your item was signed

3) Document the location where the signing took place

Diecast Registry allows you to permanently record the date and location that your collectible was autographed, and to upload that all-important picture that you took of the driver signing your collectible. Don't have a picture of the driver signing your collectible? Then go ahead and upload a close-up photo of the signature so that it can be seen and confirmed as legitimate.

Save time creating online auctions

Simply paste the HTML description code automatically created for your collectible into the description section of your online auction (e.g. eBay®).

Protect the Value of Your Investment

Do you own the Dale Jr. Bud 2001 1:24 RCCA Elite chassis #0008? DCR provides you a public forum to claim ownership of your one-of-a-kind collectible and to document the ownership history as supporting evidence. This discourages the fraudulent production of a duplicate of your collectible (chassis switching has, unfortunately, been prevalent in the diecast hobby). Obviously, if you invest $1,000 in a low or matching-numbered collectible, the last thing you want to see is an identically numbered item showing up on eBay®. Even if you can prove your collectible is legit, the appearance of a second one will, unfortunately, decrease the price that the market is willing to pay for it. Why not take action to discourage unscrupulous persons from making a duplicate that tarnishes your investment? Get your collectible registered ASAP!

Save money on auction listing fees

There is no need to pay for placing additional pictures within your online auction. With a click of the mouse on your collectible's Registry Image, potential bidders have access to additional pictures in your collectible's Registry Report.

Verify the Ownership of a Specific Sequentially-Numbered Collectible

So, you are interested in buying that Tony Stewart Home Depot 1999 1:24 RCCA Elite chassis #0020 that is for sale on eBay®? Nice car. Worth at least a grand... if it is legit. Better look it up in the Registry first to see if the seller has made public claim that he/she is the owner of the authentic car. Diecast Registry members know that there are at least two documented Tony Stewart Home Depot 1999 1:24 RCCA Elite chassis #0020 cars that are in circulation.


Caveat Emptor

So, you called the owner and he/she says they have not and are not willing to register their car in the Diecast Registry. What does that tell you? If there is any chance that the collectible is fake, the owner will not register it because it will immediately trigger an alarm if the identical collectible is already registered, or in the future when the owner of the legit car registers it. Buyer be ware! More simply, if you don't check the quality of what you buy, you, not the seller, are going to get stuck with whatever defects occur.


Research A Collectible's Ownership History

So, you and Steve in Montana have just discovered that you are in the unfortunate position of owning the same collectible with identical sequential numbers. This does not mean that either one of you are at fault or that you did anything wrong. What it does mean is that somewhere in one of the cars' past, the tag or chassis was likely tampered with. Diecast Registry will help each of you confirm/research the ownership history of your collectible. You might be surprised to how quickly a little research usually uncovers a suspicious previous owner! Yet, if this does not surface reliable information, Diecast Registry will use our contacts help you arrange to have your collectible inspected by the manufacturer. For example, we helped a Diecast Registry member ship two cars to Action Performance for inspection. Action confirmed that one car was indeed fake (the chassis screws and tag looked great, but the tag was made out of the wrong material!) and, to the owner's delight, the other car was given a clean bill of health ("We (Action Performance) found no inconsistencies or evidence of tampering..."). 

Establish Your Investment Value For Insurance Claims

Have you checked the fine print on your home owners insurance policy lately? In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim (e.g. due to fire or theft), you will need to provide two facts to your insurance company:

1) The description of every single collectible in your collection

2) The value of, or amount that you paid for, every single collectible in your collection

No, you cannot show your agent a picture of 48 diecast cars in a display case and claim that they are worth a total of $2,575. You will need to prove what each diecast was so that the value can be established individually. Now that's going to be tough to do if they were stolen or destroyed in a fire. Registering your collectibles provides the evidence and information that most insurance companies need to establish the validity of your claim. Check it out for yourself - call your insurance agent.



Increase the high bid price of your online auctions

Right now a potential bidder is looking at your auction, is interested in your collectible, and wants more information or additional pictures. Studies show that > 60% of bidders who e-mail sellers asking for more information NEVER RETURN TO THE AUCTION TO PLACE A BID - EVEN IF YOU RESPOND WITH THE REQUESTED INFORMATION. Think about this: Not only do you lose potential winning bidders, but you also loose bids, from losing bidders, that increase the final sale price. 


To leverage the psychology of "impulse bidding," enable potential bidders to immediately access your collectible's Registry Report by clicking on its Registry Image within your auction description. Click on the Registry Image below to see how it works:



During a 30-day period from April to May 2004, exactly 7 of the following Dale Earnhardt Jr. Elites were auctioned on eBay for an average price of $116.24:

2002 1:24 #8 Bud Talladega (Oct. '01) Win Raced Version

One of these 7 cars was registered in the Diecast Registry. The seller displayed the car's Registry Image within the auction description. This car:

  • Sold for 46% more than the average car

  • Sold for $53 more than the average car ($47 more than the next highest selling car)

  • Sold for the highest price of the 7 ($169.99)


New Features

New Features

New Features

New Features

  • The ability to register non-sequentially numbered collectibles (e.g. Action Standard ARC CWCs). 

  • Enable buyers to instantly purchase your collectibles from this site using PayPal Buy It Now.

  • New HTML code that will save you even more time creating your online auction descriptions.

  • The ability to display your corporate logo instead of your User ID.

  • The ability for buyers to filter the Collectibles For Sale page to view items for sale by a single vendor.

  • Improved registration features to make registering your collectibles easier and faster.


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