Dale Earnhardt, Sr. #3 Dale The Movie 04 of 12 Wrangler 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo Aerocoupe - Pass in the Grass

2007 Action / Lionel ARC 1:24 CWC

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As told by Chocolate Myers: "This was absolutely somethin'... if you watch the tape you see they were runnin' one,two...but it wasn't like that most of the race... we were out of it 'til it came to the end... it pays a lot more to win, it don't pay that much for second. It shows what a thing we had... he made up his mind he was going to win... he does whatever it takes... it shows what a deal this team was... It was really not a pass in the grass it was a spin in the grass Bill had touched him and put him out but never checked...Dale was not quite "THE INTIMIDATOR yet... but he went in the grass and won... one of the reasons we're filling up the grandstands today...a moment in history. That day he showed them who was best."

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Stock Car
Action / Lionel

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Diecast Registration # 000-316-241
Mint (No chassis defects, blemishes, or scratches viewable upon very close inspection)
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