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Friday, May 25 2018

Kyle Petty #42 Coors Light Black Earnhardt Protest 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix

1996 Action / Lionel RCCA 1:24 CWC

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Kyle Petty was penalized five laps for hitting the rear of Ted Musgrave's car on a restart halfway through the Coca-Cola 600. Two laps were added by NASCAR for unsportsmanlike conduct by Felix Sabates. While Petty's ride was being held, Sabates proceded to let loose on the official, and even sent his credentials back to NASCAR. The following race, the Miller 500 at Dover (June 9, 1996), Kyle Petty's 43 car showed up painted just like Dale Earnhardt's #3. Why? Sabates felt that Earnhardt would have gotten away with wrecking Ted Musgrave on the restart the week before. Action Preformance saw an opportunity to capitalize on the controversy created by this one-race-only paint scheme, and produced this popular "Coors Black" diecast. Sabates had the painter (yes the painter - they did not have stickers or wraps back in the day) write "All is fair in Love and War" in Spanish on both doors. Ironically, Earnhardt and Petty started the Dover race one position apart from each other as can be seen in the photo provided herein. When asked about Petty's black car, Earnhardt called it a "non-issue," and would not discuss it any further. Petty responded to questions by saying "I just drive the car. I'm out of this. You'll have to ask Felix." Of course, Sabates was vacationing and didn't attend the Miller 500. Nor did he attend the following Winston Cup race at Pocono.

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